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It was with heavy hearts that we accepted Gaynor’s retirement from her directorship in the autumn of 2019. 

We knew that we needed to find the right mix of talent, knowledge and personality, as well as someone

 who knew us as a chorus and would be able to help us continue to the next level.  



Viva Acappella would like to welcome our new directorship team:

Doug Harrington (Director) and Helen Warner (Assistant Director)



Doug Harrington (Director)


Doug is a Master Director in BHS, and well known in barbershop as a vocal coach for choirs and quartets all around the world. He specialises in facilitating musical flow and natural delivery of songs through interpretation, phrasing, word sounds and vocal inflection.  He can also break down harmony parts and rearrange chords on the fly to take a song in a direction that best suits the ensemble.


Singing was in Doug’s blood from an early age – he grew up in Kentucky performing gospel and country music with his three older brothers, later going on to win an International Barbershop Medal at age 15 with The Harrington Brothers (1984). Doug is one of the youngest International Quartet Champions in barbershop history, winning a gold medal with Second Edition at age 20 in 1989. 


Doug has worked with ensembles like The Real Group, and Rönninge Show Chorus.  He has founded two award-winning choirs, Zero8 in 2006 and MaleVox in 2018 and was the main coach and mentor for quartets Ringmasters and Lemon Squeezy from their inception.  He has also served as faculty at several prestigious choral festivals, teaching courses in directing, coaching, and how to grow and develop a choir. 


Doug has been a part of the Viva family for years; helping us with coaching on expression and musicality, working with our quartets and cheering us on at various contests in the UK and the US.  We look forward to an exciting 2020 under his baton.




Helen Warner (Assistant Director)


Helen Warner holds a BA (Hons) in Music from the University of Bristol and is a BABS Performance Judge. 

She has been singing with Viva Acappella since 2014. 

Since joining the group Helen has shared her talents as a section leader, on the Performance Team and as a board member.

Since the end of 2018, Helen has also been Viva’s Assistant Director, and we are thrilled that she will continue in this role.

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