We are always looking for new voices to join us.

Although prior singing experience is desirable, it's not necessary. You don't even need to be able to read sheet music, as we provide learning tracks to learn the songs by ear. You just need to be able to hold a tune, sing your own part confidently against the other parts and be willing to embrace Viva Acappella's drive for performing and competing at the highest standard!

If you're thinking of becoming a member, we'd love to welcome you to one of our rehearsals to see what it's all about (see Visit a Rehearsal), have a read through of our formal audition process below. Don't panic, we'll provide the sheet music and learning tracks and guide you through the process. We don't bite, promise!

Week 1 - Join in with warm ups, have a listen in on the work we do, see if we take your fancy, 

Week 2 - Voice Test. At some point, you will break away from the main rehearsal with the Musical Director and members of the Music Team to a separate room for your voice test. This will involve:

  • Singing some scales so we can hear your range and vocal colour

  • A simple exercise so we can hear your range of tonal colour

  • Singing an extract from a song of your choice, solo (not barbershop)

If you pass, you will be asked to learn a Viva Acappella repertoire song to sing in a quartet. 

Week 3 - If we work on your audition song, please do join us on the risers so you can work on it with us. If we do not, we will give you the opportunity to practice your audition song with three other chorus members in a quartet (without MD present).
Week 4 – Quartet auditionIn a separate breakout room with MD and members of the Music Team (including your section leader/s) present, you will:

  • Perform the audition song in a quartet.

  • Learn a tag (learning a musical line by ear) from the MD, to sing with the quartet.


If you pass, you will become a full member of Viva Acappella.

How much?

Your first few rehearsals are free, as we support you through our audition process. Don't be daunted - we want as many people to join as possible, so we implement as much help as possible to enable you to pass when you feel ready!

Once you pass your audition and become a full member, monthly subs are £35 (half price £17.50 for singers aged 25 and under).

Please contact the recruitment team at if you're interested.