Viva Acappella Quartets

Viva Acappella is proud to have the following quartets associated with our chorus. 

If you're looking for a smaller ensemble to sing at your event, why not get in touch with one of these groups?


Ladies' Quartets


 Sophie Sanctuary (Bass)
 Karen Lillywhite (Baritone) 
Helen Whittick (Lead)
 Boo de Bruin (Tenor)

  Europeans Champions 2022
  LABBS Champions 2018



 Sophie Hasson (Bass)
 Carly Au (Baritone)

 Alice Mills (Lead)
 Harriet Hallam (Tenor)


 Muddy Stilettos

 Colette Coull (Bass)
 Chris Avis (Baritone)

 Chantel Parsons (Lead)
 Hannah Bruce (Tenor)

 Region 31 Champions 2022



 Ceejai Seaman (Bass)   
Valerie Taylor (Baritone)

 Amanda Prest (Lead)
 Becky Middleton (Tenor)

 Region 31 Bronze Medallists 2022



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