Tag Along with Viva Acappella

Tag Along with Viva Acappella
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Posted By: Amy Fisher
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Date Posted: Tue, 12 Sep 2023

We are always delighted to welcome visitors to our Thursday evening rehearsals. But a couple of times a year we create a special evening just for them. Thursday, the 7th of September was one of those special evenings.

We welcomed over 30 lovely ladies, some were friends or family of Vivas and some had found us through social media. With around 80 people in our hall on a very hot evening, we started with an appropriately modified physical warmup from Helen T. We have five Helens in our chorus already, and hope to recruit a few more! We did a clapping exercise to wake up our brains and give us all a good giggle before moving on to a number of exercises to warm up our voices and help us to tune in with each other.

Next Helen W , our musical director, taught us all a beautiful tag, which is a small snippet of a song, usually from the end of the song. We learned three further tags by splitting into groups and forming a “tag Carousel”. our two assistant directors did a great job with the smaller groups rotating between three rooms. Each group learned a different one then performed their tag to the other two groups, some with added choreography! All the tags were totally new to the Vivas so we were learning along with our guests.

The evening flew by, but we couldn’t let all those talented women go home without a cuppa, some home-made cake, and encouragement and information about how to become a Viva. We very much hope to see them again soon.