Sophie, Alice, Harriet and Carly met in their first week at Bristol University in The University of Bristol Barbershop Singers (TUBBS), where they discovered the world of barbershop and a cappella singing, and formed the quartet DeciBelles.

After graduation they spread far and wide. Harriet remained in Bristol, Sophie and Carly moved to opposite ends of London and Alice went home to Norwich, followed by a move to Aberdeen!

Despite being severely geographically challenged, they competed for the first time at the Sweet Adelines Region 31 Convention in 2013 and again in 2015, where they were incredibly excited to place 8th. The quartet enjoy singing a wide range of songs, from traditional barbershop, to pop, Disney and show tunes, as well as some arrangements by members of the quartet.

When they aren’t singing, DeciBelles can usually be found giggling over pasta puns, drinking tea or hugging for longer than is socially acceptable.


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Alice has been singing since an early age, and has always been drawn towards a cappella music, with early inspirations including James Taylor, The Idea of North, and The Be Sharps. She has been singing with Aberdeen Chorus since May 2015, and before this was with Norwich Harmony (LABBS) for two years. Alice is the marketing officer at His Majesty's in Aberdeen - the largest theatre in NE Scotland. She is a keen calligrapher and seamstress, plays the ukulele and is a major musical theatre nerd. 

Harriet grew up singing with her sisters three, usually being kept occupied on long car journeys by means of rounds, Gilbert and Sullivan, or particularly rousing renditions of Glorious Mud. She got off to a slow start, but the musical bug slowly took hold and became one of the loves of her life*. During what passed as normal life, Harriet can be found taking exams as an Actuary in Bristol, singing with the fairly young Bristol A Cappella chorus, and generally somehow always surrounding herself with interesting people intent on involving her in interesting things.

*others examples include Astrophysics, Grapes, and her husband if you're being pedantic. Harriet is pedantic.

Carly has been dabbling in various musical instruments and singing for most of her life. She currently works as a clinical data manager at the Medical Research Centre Clinical Trials Unit. Carly has been a member of Viva Acappella since February 2014.  When not singing, Carly can be found quilting, baking, looking at pictures of dogs that she will never own, and reciting Harry Potter trivia to anyone who will listen.


Sophie is obsessed with Barbershop and rarely listens to any other music. She works as a consultant in the low carbon energy sector by day, and watches musicals and barbershop youtube videos by night. She sings Bass in quartet and in Viva Acappella.

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